Coccinelle AW16 collection


A happy encounter between natural elements and the pure shapes of contemporary architecture.
For the Fall/Winter 2016-17 season, Coccinelle chooses a language of absolute harmony: perfect modules, with a precise aesthetics and look that playfully create infinite combinations and amplify the creativity of shapes, materials and colors.

Coccinelle captures the essence of the nuances that inhabit the personality of every woman: urban, rock, sensual, androgynous, versatile, cool, happy. Like in a gallery of cosmopolitan portraits, icon-bags that capture the thousand faces of femininity.


A reconciliation of extreme opposites. On the one hand, the roomy user-friendly volumes of the boho tote bags, soft shopping bags and bowling bags that yield to details of high craftsmanship, from saddlery seams to patchwork. But also some easy-chic features: “invisible” external pockets, double inside-out zippers, design buckles. On the other hand, the imagination of “mini-sizes” explodes: a multitude of trunks, backpacks, buckets and handbags in miniature, very carefully studied in every detail, to be used day-and-night. In the middle, Coccinelle is workwear: with bags, backpacks and purses characterized by essential lines and organized spaces. Functionality has never been so beautiful.


Only textures that are pleasant to the touch. Suede, cavallino, calf with a soft feel, all search for the value of softness reflected in the rounded edges and curved lines. The surfaces are moved by mosaics of prints and finishes: one for all, the ladybag B14 experiments with geometries in saffiano and varnish, python and lizard prints, pixel and bark effects. The color palette is inspired on the earth: sand, brown, khaki, leather. An organic rainbow contrasted by pink, fuchsia, China blue and fashion light blue, touches of red and city grey, silver and bronze.


Every woman is a diva, a conscious interpreter of her everyday life. There is a Coccinelle bag that resembles her for every moment of the day. Like Arlettis, inspired on the great theater actress Arletty. Shoulder bag, backpack and clutch express a masculine-feminine soul, sealed by the graphic invention of the gold buckle: a big inverted C, because flirting with identity is luxury. Or a compact bag with snap closure that re-elaborates the Sixties shape of a vanity-case. While the Perine tote bag is confirmed as a must-have: its functional silhouette is highlighted thanks to a yet unseen mix of materials.

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